Magic Pencil | Who We Are

Meet some of the team

Hello, hi, bonjour, Grüezi, ciao, γειά σου, hej, zdraveite, bună, hola, whaa gwaan, mwiriwe...
We’re Magic Pencil: a cosmopolitan cocktail of talents with a quirky mix of things that make us tick.
Meet the planet dreamer, the underwater breather. The mystery seeker, the foot tickler. The wood cutter, the spoon lover. The wave chaser, the equation maker. Together we’re a nimble yet heavyweight team that knows how to jump through hoops to make magic happen.


The Cosmopolitan Creative Agency

Originating from all corners of the globe shapes us and how we see creatively. We’ve been around for 30 years and our DNA is easy to decipher. We’re down to earth, always approachable, devilishly detailed, sometimes silly and always passionate about building brands and protecting our clients’ interests.



From Greece to Mauritius, Sweden to Argentina, Rwanda to Switzerland; we're deliberately diverse. It's a cocktail that lets us see with intriguingly different perspectives – often bringing further-reaching creative results. Being cosmopolitan also helps us quickly appreciate what will work in a particular region – and what won't.


We get things done – thinking first, then acting fast. Stuff happens and we're always ready to respond – even if it means burning the midnight oil or weekend working. In a world of uncertainty, it's good to know you can always count on your creatives. If it simply can't be done, we'll be honest at the outset, so there's no disappointments down the line.


Of course we’re serious about what we do but that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun while we’re doing it. We’re passionate believers that humour goes a long way in business. And helps keep us sane when deadlines are looming.


Integrity matters. So whilst we're creative specialists, we’re never creative with the truth. We tell it how it is and our clients respect us for it.


Whether it’s wizardry with words or fastidiousness with facts, we know that the devil is often in the detail. It certainly helps when we're asked to create culturally sensitive campaigns that cross international boundaries.


We work with our clients – not just for them. Combining our talents openly with clients, suppliers, and our creative partners in London, gets more done more efficiently, and leads to enriched creative outcomes. It also means working relationships often become friendships. It's part of our nature and integral to everything we do.