Magic Pencil | How We Think

How We Think

Our 5-stage creative approach is called Magical Thinking. It’s methodical but it never constrains when our imaginations can run wild in pursuit of creative surprises. Inspiration – just like magic – often happens when you least expect it. While skiing powder in Saas-Fe. Finishing off a cheese fondue with friends. Watching WALL·E with your children.

But great ideas alone are nothing. Transforming them into integrated creative campaigns with audience-relevant visual and verbal language is just as important – as is reviewing success against pre-agreed objectives.


  • Childlike Curiosity

    “But why?” we ask. It’s a child’s favourite question. And so much more powerful than you might think. As adults our thinking is constrained by social conformity, our spontaneity diminishes. That’s why at Magic Pencil everyone explores with childlike curiosity, never accepting “the way it is”. Being unafraid to challenge clients and interrogate briefs helps us to dig deeper and unearth those juicy little nuggets that often lead to surprising new directions.

  • Adultlike Fact-Finding

    Sales stats, focus groups, telephone interviews, web surveys, social media commentaries…Whether you have valuable insights to hand – or need us to gather them for you – we’ll make sure all the hard facts, competitor positioning, and informal data are a key part of the ingredients that feed our thinking.


  • Forever Dreaming

    Inspiration often lurks around the corner so creativity is never confined to the office. New concepts can spring from unexpected places: a tiny detail on a building, a combination of conflicting images, ordinary things seen in extraordinary ways. That’s why, day and night, weekdays and weekends, we’ll be playing with possibilities with a child-like exuberance, dreaming up magical ideas with the potential for real audience traction.

  • The Cosmopolitan Factor

    We grew up in the far reaches of the globe. From Greece to Tahiti, Sweden to Argentina, Rwanda to Switzerland. Ever since childhood, the Magic Pencil team have experienced a huge diversity of cultural influences that have shaped how we act and how we think. It’s a powerful combination that sometimes causes us to clash. But usually it leads to even richer creative outcomes.

    Being cosmopolitan also helps us appreciate what will work in a particular country – and what won’t. This saves a lot of wasted time, effort and money when Swiss, European and global campaigns are being created.

  • Collaborative Magic

    Creatives don’t have a monopoly on creativity. So when we’re in the creative playground, everyone’s invited. That includes our administration team (yes really), our international network of creative partners and sometimes clients too. It’s the ethos of Magical Thinking – never being afraid to let inspiration spark from anywhere.


  • Conceptualisation

    Here’s where the best ideas are developed into workable concepts. Sometimes one or two, sometimes more. We’ll never just throw ideas into concepts for the sake of it. But if we feel there is a suite of distinct concepts that work, we’ll work them up and show you how.

  • Wall of Magic

    The Wall of Magic takes pride of place in the design studio. It means designs in development can be shared with everyone. And, as is the way with creatives, everyone has an opinion! This collective energy helps us to push the envelope even before anything’s presented to clients.


  • Bringing It All Together

    We’re specialists in our six key communications disciplines with the ability to integrate them speedily and seamlessly for effective branding and campaigns. It saves our clients having to brief and bring together multiple specialist agencies. Even when we don’t have a specific skillset, we have trusted partners throughout the world who do. From a social media consultant in New York to an award-winning improvisation team in Amsterdam, we can conjure a cocktail of talents that will always add value. Or, as we sometimes say, 1+1>2.

  • Transcreation Not Translation

    There’s a big difference. We’re fluent and culturally astute in English (British and American), Italian, Greek, Swedish, French and German (plus a dab hand in a few others too) which means we’re skilled at crafting campaigns that visually and verbally resonate across boundaries. Sure, there’s plenty of agencies who can handle translation. But there’s few who really understand the subtle delicacies that will help a campaign resonate with audiences whether they’re in Stockholm, Shanghai or San Francisco.


  • Brand Custodians

    We like to wear your shoes. Not literally of course but many of our clients have been with us for many years (some over 20) so when we speak of business partnerships we really walk the walk. Even when we’re embarking on a short-term project we believe we’re on the path to a long-term relationship, helping to nourish your brand story in the years to come.

  • Review, Review, Review

    Here’s an idea. Great creative. Rolled out. Finished. Next project please… It’s not uncommon for creative agencies to view the success of their work by how well you received it during the pitch and subsequent sign-offs. At Magic Pencil we take a different view. We appreciate click-through, response rates, ROI, and that follow-up matters. So if there’s pre-agreed objectives and targets – and ways to record against them – we won’t forget the numbers once the invoice is paid.